noone wants to read this- but they do

When you just turned 18 and let go off your childisch dreams to once become a legendary actress adored by everyone in Hollywood you decide to settle somehow lower. You create your blog- there is nothing like it on this far to fast turning planet and you cannot and will not leave this world alive.

But why am I then? Well for once I take great joy in babbling until the ears and eyes of my innocent opponent fall off. But then I like it even more to take about the things I love most on this planet (not including my friends- whom I love dearly but… honestly?) Coming back down: my ever lasting, never wavering, always clinging love are Movies and TV Shows. And sine I´m living digitally in the US I don´t have a lot of people to talk with about the preview of Ringer or the latest episode of The Vampire Daries- and when you know think… how do those two things get together anyhow just settle with this: they don´t expect that they are great Shows. I don´t divide when it comes to Shows and Movies- I love the good ones equally.

So… this is it. Just dive into my very 04 If I Ever Leave This World Aliveown twilight zone and find your way back to the surface whilst crawling through crazy grinning cats, kinky quotes and a rather britsh sense of humor which will shine through every word I´m writing about… well everything.

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